Hej Alle,

hermed fotos af tønde fylding og detaljer om tønderne.


Dear Kim,

Just a quick note to confirm that your casks were filled on Thursday (08/09/2016) as discussed. Please see the attached photos.

fylding af Man o' Sword

Fylding af Man o’ Sword

Details are as follows:

Cask #XXX/2016

Fresh ex-bourbon

Spirit – peated (Man o’Sword)

Bulk volume = 196.4 litres @ 63.5% ABV

Volume of pure alcohol (100%) = 124.4 litres

Cask #XXX/2016

Fresh ex-bourbon

Spirit – unpeated (Man o’Words)


Propning af Man O’ Sword

Bulk volume = 197.9 litres @ 63.5% ABV

Volume of pure alcohol (100%) = 125.3 litres

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Thanks again for buying two casks of Annandale Spirit.

Kind regards,

David Thomson

Regarding cask types:

‘Fresh’ means previously used to mature bourbon. Fresh ex-bourbon casks tend to cause the spirit to mature more quickly because the oak is more active. It will also impart more ‘bourbon’ characteristics because the oak is impregnated to some small extent with the previous occupant and also because of the ‘new oak effect’ (which actually gives bourbon its character).

‘Refill’ means that it has been used once to mature bourbon and once to mature other whisk(e)y. Consequently, the oak is less active (and there is no residual bourbon). This produces a slower/gentler maturation.

Last month (2016), Dr Jim Swan (International Scotch whisky consultant) and I sampled from a selection of peated and unpeated refill and bourbon casks maturing in the bonded warehouses at Annandale Distillery. It seems that both spirits are maturing extremely well in the Annandale climate. Dr Swan is very impressed with the progress of our maturing spirit and believes that Annandale’s Single Malt Scotch whiskies will be excellent.


Navn Antal andele
Anders Pedersen 1
Brian Strandby 1
Brian Strandby 1
Daniel Johan Brøndum 1
Flemming Klitgaard 1
Freddy Sejer 1
Gudmundur Kristjansson 1
Jens Thiim Engelbret 1
Jesper Asmussen 2
Jesper Hye Skovmose 1,5
Johannes Stentoft Clausen 1
Kim Søgaard 2
Leif Søgaard 1
Martin Johansen 1
Mathias B Pedersen 1
Morten Thule Hansen 1
Ole Hansen 1
Peter Diemer 1
Peter Thyssen 1
Poul Erik Pedersen 1
Rasmus Aabye Olsen 1
Søren Krüger Olsen 0,5
Søren Peter Mølholm 1
Thomas Kvarts 1
Thomas Meyn 1
Roy Hoveijn 0,5
Tobias Leth 1
Torben Buchwald 1
Villads Kirkegaard Jensen 1
Rune Bruun Mosbacher 0,5
Samlet antal andele 31,0
Propning af Man 'O Word

Propning af Man ‘O Word


Fyldning af Man O’ Word